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By signing up with Freight Box, you can get access to hundreds of freight rate quotes and book your shipments at the best possible rates. Advertise your products with us and reach out to hundreds of buyers and sellers, all under the one roof!

Our team of experts at Freight Box strive to provide you with the best shipping experience in the world of logistics. We don’t compromise on anything lesser and that is exactly why we make sure to provide you access to freight rates by different shipping companies and freight forwarders so that you can compare and contrast the freight rates they are offering. You can choose the shipping companies based on the rates and the services they are offering.

LCL Services

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Forwarders & Logistics

Freight Box offers a custom-made solution for LCL providers, this module is designed for those customers and freight forwarders who are only looking for a portion of entire container and their products do not require much space. Freight Box is a logistics platform and therefore we are always on the lookout for every single shipping companies or entity.

The LCL module is designated to our Freight Forwarder based on their needs and requirements. The LCL we have in place lets the Freight Forwarders upload their services according to their requirements.

Ship in Bulk or Projects


With Freight Box, you don’t need to worry about the quantity! We provide you with the perfect solution to cover your bulk shipping needs. We have dedicated the Ship in Bulk services to those customers who are on a look out for cheaper yet effective freight services for shipping in bulk.

We have ex-shipping industry captains on board with us who will guide you with regards to the best bulk and cargo project rates without any delays. Our team of experts is available round the clock who are only focused on bulk and cargo projects so that you can have the most competitive rates from the market according to your requirements.

Buying & Selling Made Easy


With Freight Box, you can buy and sell your containers without having to worry about paying any extra charges or hidden fee. The freight rates we provide you are directly quoted from the shipping companies. We don’t ask you for any commission on the sales of your product.

Instead we take pride in marketing your product on our digital platform so you can enjoy our freight services hassle free. You can put up your products on our Buy & Sell section and we market it for you. This way your product reaches to the maximum audience and you can make profits out of them without having to worry about investing heavily in the marketing.

Explore Hot Deals & Offers


We have custom made hot deals to give our clientele the best of freight rates. These hot deals are specially put in place to help the NVOCCs stuck at the port. The NVOCCs face challenge when they are stuck at port or depot storage. Such situations create a hassle congesting the space and affecting the port productivity.

Not only does this affect the port space but you are also bound to pay for as long as the containers are stuck at the port. This is where we come in! Freight Box lets you offer the containers stuck at ports in our Hot Deals offers not only saving you from paying for the expenses but also giving you a way out of it. This way you can save yourself from the hassle and make the income out of your containers stuck at the port.

Find & Hire Global Talents


Freight Box is a first ever platform which is designed to cater the needs of both employers and employees. We understand that finding a career in shipping industry can be a hassle. Similarly, the companies also struggle in finding the suitable talent to address their needs.

This is where we come in! By signing up with us, you can get access to effective employment solutions. We are proud to say that we are of a kind and our recruitment services are dedicated to finding Careers in shipping industry. We provide you with hundreds of jobs related to logistics all over the globe.

Advertise with Us


Freight Box lets you advertise through our digital freight comparison portal. You can advertise your products with us. The sale you make through our platform is yours! We don’t demand any commission. By advertising with us you can connect to a whole lot of shipping companies, freight forwarders, importers, exporters and shippers from around the globe.

Not only this, We at Freight Box can also help you managing your social media channels so you can sit back, relax and plan to scale to your business to the next level with us because we are everywhere. We as a digital logistics platform, receive leads and queries from all over the world, these companies which enables us to connect you with the companies who match your criteria.


Mohammed Basheer
CEO ( Freelance Logistics LLC)

I definitely recommend this online platform "Freight box " they respond quickly and Easy access provide great guidance on logistics issues ,we Freelance Logistics LLC is getting useful outcome by their tools and functions in their website

Hasan Jamaluddin
( Line Manager - SLR Shipping Services LLC)

I recommend Freight Box to Traders and Freight Forwarders around the globe as this platform helps you to find solutions to your logistics requirements.

Ibrahima Diagne
- CEO HTL Company Logistics

Freight Box Portal is the best freight platform worldwide. Speed, simplicity and efficiency are the creed. With Freight Box you can get the best deals in record time.

Muhammad Ibrahim Paracha
(Superterra Container Line LLC)

Freight Box network is really easy to use, you can check and compare freight rates with another company. It's helping NVOCC, Freight forwarders and traders like us to expand the business and meet more customers.

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