Effective Ways to Make your Logistics Better

Digital solutions optimize the supply chain and open new business models in retail and logistics. From production, to transportation and to distribution, all areas of freight transport depend on hassle-free logistics. Our solution for sustainable transport management is called Smart Logistics. The T-Systems uses a wide variety of technologies to help companies build a digital ecosystem and ensure efficient and safe logistics operations. Intelligent and perfectly documented network from warehouse to delivery.

The right solution for each stage

All areas of the logistics sector profit from the information network: from ordering via the service button, through digital delivery notes, tracking and monitoring with automatic stock checks, reaching dynamic route optimization and complex port logistics.

The Internet of Things opens up many avenues for smart logistics. T-Systems' integration experts analyze your needs, create feasibility studies (concept validation) and design the technical solution that best supports your business process - with components from multiple suppliers and, if desired, integrated from a single source.

From smart supply chains to predictive maintenance

Dynamic logistics processes must be extremely synchronized for everything to work. The key to this is the real-time analysis of a large volume of supply chain data: with the Smart Supply Chain, the right data is in the right place at the right time.

Internal tracking makes it easy to automatically locate goods in the warehouse and external tracking ensures that containers, for example, are not lost during travel. Condition monitoring allows you to track exactly when damage has occurred to an insured item and which service provider is responsible. Predictive maintenance of, for example, tractors, transport systems or rolling gates, also saves maintenance costs and prevents unplanned downtime.

Plan, deliver and pick up in real time

Nowadays, it is expected that delivery and withdrawal of orders will be made in a simple, planned and reliable way. A challenge for logistics service providers, because they need to optimize their processes in terms of time and location, while remaining economical at the same time. Freight Box has come to support them during delivery. We feature simplifies route planning.

The tasks are distributed among our experts the routes are calculated individually and in an optimized way. Information can be retrieved, orders placed and delivery times calculated, all through Freight Box’s portal.

We look forward to helping you with your project!

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