Because you want a simple platform where all solutions for your shipping business needs will be in one place. Where you believe you have the best possible chance of getting more customers and income. Take your business to new heights with international freight shipping, Freight Box offers you the best, efficient and reliable freights/carriers just a click away on its website! We empower you with the buying power of the best and competitive freight providers combined with matchless logistics technology.

Freight Box provides unbeatable and astounding logistics expertise and technology right within your browser. Freight Box web algorithms and connections with the Freight providers around the world are faster than the speed of light. Unlike others, we provide instant freight quotes, estimated transit time right at your fingertips without any delays.

One can promote itself on Freight Box through advertising, Membership and Ratings. Freight Box allows its visitors to advertise their custom ads on Freight-Box.com. Membership and rating will help shippers to be on top while visitors enquiring for rates.

Why we have HOT DEALS? We are trying to put ourselves on your shoes. NVOCCs are sometimes facing problems when they are unable to move their containers from Port or Depot Storage. In such cases, the containers may be stuck at the port affecting the yard space in the terminal, port productivity, creating port congestion and other associated problems.

Furthermore, if you are NVOCC you may want to save money from expenses. So instead of getting your containers stuck before your free days will finish, why not offer it at discounted price in our HOT DEALS? Who doesn't love hot deals? Everyone does! So you will offer your containers at a discounted rate, no headache, no extra bills to pay but you still make income out of it! Hot deals at Freight Box provide member to avail attractive/discounted rates offered by shipping companies.

Using the Freight Box platform, a member will be able to post (Advertise) of the items. Containers, Machinery and other marine equipment for selling purpose.

Freight Box provides a platform where job seekers can register themselves by providing academic, experience, personal details in order to get opportunities posted by employers from shipping industries.

For Ship Chandlers & Crew Manning Agencies, we are your excellent page for posting your services. We are not just a freight rate comparison tool but we also created a Job Board and Classified Ads section for you to post your services and your job vacancies. You will also benefit with our marketing and advertising scheme.

No Commissions. All rates and prices that you will see are set directly from shipping companies/providers. We will not ask for deposits. We are not taking commissions from your sales. Our work is just to give you leads and do marketing of your business.

To register you just have to go at www.freight-box.com , click SIGNUP on the upper right corner of your screen and fill the registration form. It's fast and easy.

Registration is always free. But to support our website and give you the best services you may need to subscribe or upgrade your account to SeaWards Membership Plan to get full access of the portal.

It is the Membership Plan of Freight Box which consists of 4 types. You can choose from GreenWards, SilverWards, GoldenWards, & PlatinumWards. Please register to know more about our Seawards Membership Plan.

Get worthy SeaWards Membership Points for every transaction that you can use to redeem for free advertisement, free account Upgrades to grow your connections, meet more clients and make more sales.

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