Coronavirus: The Importance of Digital Marketing

The whole world is facing a challenging period as the impacts of the Coronavirus on health and the economy only increase. Companies that have a digital culture are better able to overcome this crisis. That's because in the face of challenges like this, it's time to turn to digital marketing techniques to survive the pandemic.

If the internet was already important for business, today it is seen as the only alternative for many. This is the great time to invest in digital marketing! Whether to balance investment in media with operational strength, or to redesign relationship strategies and chart new ways to get closer to your audience. Therefore, it is necessary to:

  • Stay tuned for opportunities
  • Reallocate funds
  • Optimize campaigns
  • Engage the audience!

Isolation changes consumer behavior

Social isolation has changed consumer behavior. The reality of the quarantine has expanded digital consumption, especially with regard to essential items. It is true that some sectors will benefit, however, those who turn to digital can remain present in the market.

Delivery services, online supermarkets and pharmacies, home office, videoconference, distance education and public safety are the sectors considered as opportunities. However, even if your company is not part of these segments, the best thing to do now is to migrate your investment to digital marketing. That's because people are there and will be there even with the end of this crisis.


Experts warn that every crisis is also a time of great opportunities. The crisis period is perfect for companies to show their human side, without opportunism. The situation calls for brands to keep an eye on the brand and metrics.

Even if the scenario is negative, it is still possible to think of strategies so that companies considered “non-essential” can survive in the midst of this pandemic. In the legal segment, for example, many labor offices may find opportunities in contract terminations, as well as in client negotiations and financing.

Business and digital marketing strategies for companies that want to survive the crisis caused by Coronavirus

Take advantage of the power of digital platforms such as Freight Box, be present in the channels where consumers are, reevaluate brand campaigns and direct responses, highlight the benefits of products and offers, demonstrate care and empathy, define an alternative customer experience. In times of Coronavirus, marketing strategies must be rethought!

Check below a series of strategies for you to start implementing, today, in your company and reduce the impacts of the pandemic on your business:

Transform your operation

One point that deserves your attention is to adapt the company's operations. Investing in delivery services is the best way to facilitate consumer access to services and products. Reinforcing the delivery service, as well as closing partnerships is an interesting strategy.

Anticipate your sales

Even the tourism and hospitality segment, one of the most affected by the crisis, has a way to turn things around with anticipated sales. Experts say that this is a way to guarantee the cash of the business. Another is to guarantee the sale associated with a bonus, which the customer may use at another time.

Make your site even more visible!

The best way to keep your brand visible is through digital channels. Your company needs to have a modern, effective website that is fed daily with authentic and relevant content. Your website must be able to value your brand, not just sell services and products. One way to guarantee this visibility is to maintain a good positioning on Google's search pages by hiring the pro’s in this field who are equipped to manage your digital platform you. You can also hire Freight Box to look after your exposure needs.

The exposure effect is a marketing phenomenon, in which consumers develop a preference for a certain brand / product just because they are familiar with them. This is the time to explore low-cost strategies to keep your brand in the spotlight for potential customers. It is an action with long-term benefits.

Talk to your consumer

However, the customer-company relationship is one of the most important issues now. It is necessary to create channels to dialogue with the public, in order to listen to their pain and solve their problems. Social networks are great for this, as they guarantee fast and easy communication. You can use the messaging system of Facebook, Instagram or even WhatsApp.

Increasing the social contact of your brand is another digital marketing action, valid in this period of Coronavirus. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - these are the places where your customers are discussing their purchasing decisions, reviewing their products, exchanging points of view among other activities. Take the time to identify the professional platforms who offer such services. Platforms similar to Freight Box are designated to take care of digital marketing on your behalf.